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Client Testimonials

“Main St. Auto Body & Locksmith in Santa Ana have been helping me and my business with commercial locksmith tasks for a number of years now and I couldn’t ask for better service from them. The level of professionalism and value for money is such a welcome relief in this day and age.”  Ethan Sands

“My wife and I returned home from a weekend in the north to find out that our home had been broken into. We called the insurance company who gave us a list of emergency locksmiths who would be able to re-secure our home. We called a few and my wife didn’t really like the suggestions they made – until we spoke to the team at Main St. Auto Body & Locksmith. They went out of their way to give us some great security tips and now my wife feels safe again sleeping in our house. Thank you.”  Carlos Castaneda

“I can’t pretend to know anything about auto repair, but as a customer services specialist, I know all about good service. The only words I have to describe the guys at Main St. Auto Body & Locksmith are “perfectly executed customer services!” And my car seems very happy too! Garciala Esposito

“Wow, wow, wow is all I can say about the amazing service that the people at Main St. Auto Body & Locksmith gave to me for my emergency oil change AND car lockout situation when I was trying to collect my returning soldier husband from the airport. They arrived within 30 minutes and were so very good – immediately getting to the problem and solving it within no time at all. And the price was also unbelievably good value for money.” Sandra Wingate