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Green Locksmith is the most trusted auto body shop in Santa Ana. We provide you with the best in all preventative maintenance services, including routine oil changes. Do you recall the last time you had an oil change? Neglecting to change the oil in your vehicle can lead to a mountain of problems down the road. Oil is the lifeblood that keeps your engine fully in tact. It keeps all parts circulating and performing at 100%. We provide you with the highest brand of synthetic oil that will further prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. Most engine problems can be easily attributed to stale oil. We can provide you with a quick and effective oil change, so you can have a safe and pleasant driving experience.

At times, it can be difficult to remember to change the oil in your car. You could easily get distracted and forget to change the oil entirely. The sludge will then build up, and can cause your engine to overheat or worse. We recommend changing your oil at least once a year or approximately every 6,000 miles. We have a talented team of auto repair technicians that will give your vehicle a full and complete oil change. We can safely discard any dirty air filters as well, which could also cause engine problems. We offer a wide variety of auto repair services that include, a routine oil change, engine repair, heating & cooling system, tire change, brake repair, and full vehicle inspection. Oil changes are extremely inexpensive, and take less than 15 minutes to get done. Once you’ve changed the old oil, you’ll notice that your vehicle is performing at a much higher level on the road. Whatever your automotive needs, we’re here to help!

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We’ve been proudly serving the wonderful Santa Ana residents for many years. It’s not only our top notch services that keeps our customers returning, it’s our friendly attitudes as well. We’re the most courteous and professional auto body garage in town. We offer the best rates, and give you the best quality in return. We can also give you a reminder on when to come back for the next oil change. You won’t find another auto body shop as honest as Green Locksmith. So, bring your car into our Santa Ana garage today!