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Main St. Auto Body & Locksmith is a cut above the rest of the locksmiths in Santa Ana. We offer a complete array of locksmith services, each available on a call-out within 30 minutes of contacting us.  No matter where in Santa Ana you are, we promise to be with you in half an hour or less. No other local locksmith provider in Santa Ana can offer you this unbeatable pledge and deliver to you the best in locksmiths. Our local services are supported by Emergency Unite and are waiting for your call for the ultimate in locksmith services in Santa Ana.

Our Emergency Locksmith Services Include:

24/7 Emergency Residential Locksmith services are one of the things we do best.  Just call us the Santa Ana Lock Whisperers! You name it, we will do it to increase your security – we re-key locks, cut new or replacement master key, provide smart and professional lockout solutions, change door locks – at any time, day or night! We understand that you also need access to our 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services when you’re in your vehicle. That’s why we can drive to you to help lock pick your car or come and cut you a duplicate car key. You need never be stuck in a locked our car again!

Our Emergency Locksmith Services Include:

Our Car Locksmith Services

Our famous team of 24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths is licensed to work on your home and business alike. We are the “key” to your lock needs! We replace lost car keys, attend to house lockouts, pick a lock on your car or to your home, or send residential, commercial or car locksmiths to be at your side.

Our Commercial and Residential Solutions

We deliver all sorts of commercial and residential locksmith solutions: