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Main Street Autobody & Locksmith Santa Ana¬† provides various services ranging from servicing the locks to installing the deadlocks and opening the locked cars. The locksmiths give valuable advice and services during emergency. At times the car might get locked with keys inside, then option left is breaking the glass to get the keys. But with the help of locksmith the door can be opened without shattering the glass. During such emergencies dont panic, simply make a call to locksmith in Santa Ana, who are available 24×7 to serve such needs. Breaking a glass is expensive, with the help of professional the job can be done in less time and money. We will reach you in minutes and will do the needful.

Complete home safety can be achieved through alarms, security cameras, etc. Our key cutting  experts in Santa Ana are also dexterous in using latest security technology. They can even repair and fix the Mal- functioning of the devices. At times the locks must be rekeyed after the break-in, as its dangerous to use the same one. The Rekeying is the safety measure that must be taken into consideration when the kids are left alone in the house. By making a call to Main Street Autobody & Locksmith, you can lay back happily as we secure your house with deadbolts and new locks. The prices are very affordable and genuine.

In a key cutting devices two keys are inserted into vices to cut a key. The locksmith provides you with a copy of the keys, which can be preserved and used in emergency.Main Street Autobody & Locksmith provides complete range of security round the clock. They provide service during house lockout and replaces the car keys during emergency .